Mandarin Class Schedule

Choosing the Right Course and Level

How do I know what level I should register for? KaiXin Language School offers various courses from Beginners to Advanced and beyond. Course are broken down into 4 levels + Speaking. For example, for an absolute beginner, you would start in Basic – Level 1, and continue to Basic – Level 2, and so forth. Once you have completed the Basic courses (Levels 1 – 4), we have an additional Basic Review/Conversation course that focuses on speaking and conversation using words and phrases learned in the previous classes. The importance of this class enforces practical usage and ensures our students are ready for the next level (i.e., Intermediate 1). View the chart (to the right) for an idea of the various proficiency levels offered at KaiXin.

Course Level and Proficiency Chart

  • Basic 20%
  • Intermediate 40%
  • Advanced 60%
  • Speaking 80%

Course Level and Proficiency Table

CourseLevelRecommended Hours
CourseLevelRecommended Hours
CourseLevelRecommended Hours
CourseLevelRecommended Hours
Elementary Speaking1180
Elementary Speaking2192
Elementary Speaking3204
Elementary Speaking4216
Intermediate Speaking1228
Intermediate Speaking2240
Intermediate Speaking3252
Intermediate Speaking4264
Advanced Speaking1276
Advanced Speaking2288
Advanced Speaking3300
Advanced Speaking4312

Current and Upcoming Class Schedules

Evening and Saturday Classes

Evening courses are offered on the weekdays. Saturday courses are offered in the morning and afternoons.

JUNE 2018
Saturday Classes
Note: No classes on Memorial Day Weekend, Saturday, May 26.
CourseLevelDatesDays to MeetTimePrerequisite ClassPrerequisite Hours
Basic15/19 - 6/30Sat10:00am - 12:00pmBeginners0 Hrs
Basic35/19 - 6/30Sat10:00am - 12:00pmBasic 224 Hrs
Basic45/19 - 6/30Sat1:30pm - 3:30pmBasic 336 Hrs
Intermediate Review25/19 - 6/30Sat1:30pm - 3:30pmIntermediate 4108 Hrs
JULY 2018
Evening Classes
Note: No classes on Independence Day, Wednesday, July 4.
CourseLevelDatesDays to MeetTimePrerequisite ClassPrerequisite Hours
Basic26/26 - 7/19Tue/Thur5:25pm - 6:55pmBasic 112 Hrs
Basic47/2 - 7/30Mon/Wed5:25pm - 6:55pmBasic 336 Hrs
BasicReview6/27 - 7/25Mon/Wed7:00pm - 8:30pmBasic 448 Hrs
Intermediate26/26 - 7/19Tue/Thur5:25pm - 6:55pmIntermediate 172 Hrs
Intermediate46/27 - 7/25Mon/Wed5:25pm - 6:55pmIntermediate 396 Hrs
Intermediate Writing37/2 - 7/30Mon/Wed5:25pm - 6:55pmIntermediate Writing 2252 Hrs
Saturday Classes
CourseLevelDatesDays to MeetTimePrerequisite ClassPrerequisite Hours
Basic27/14 - 8/18Sat10:00am - 12:00pmBasic 112 Hrs
Basic47/14 - 8/18Sat10:00am - 12:00pmBasic 336 Hrs
BasicReview7/14 - 8/18Sat1:30pm - 3:30pmBasic 448 Hrs
Advanced17/14 - 8/18Sat1:30pm - 3:30pmIntermediate Review 2120 Hrs
Evening Classes
CourseLevelDatesDays to MeetTimePrerequisite ClassPrerequisite Hours
Basic17/24 - 8/16Tue/Thur7:00pm - 8:30pmBeginners0 Hrs
Basic37/24 - 8/16Tue/Thur5:25pm - 6:55pmBasic 224 Hrs
BasicReview7/30 - 8/22Mon/Wed5:25pm - 6:55pmBasic 448 Hrs
Intermediate17/30 - 8/22Mon/Wed7:00pm - 8:30pmBasic Review60 Hrs
Intermediate37/24 - 8/16Tue/Thur5:25pm - 6:55pmIntermediate 284 Hrs
Intermediate Review27/30 - 8/22Mon/Wed5:25pm - 6:55pmIntermediate Review 1120 Hrs
Intermediate Writing48/6 - 8/29Mon/Wed7:00pm - 8:30pmIntermediate Writing 3264 Hrs


  1. Class schedules are subject to change. If you have questions or need additional information on current or future courses, feel free to send us an email or use the contact form.
  2. And additional, non-refundable, $25 registration fee is required for all new students who enroll.

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