Program Overview

Learn more about the various programs that is offered at KaiXin Language School


Our Programs

At KaiXin Language School, we love teaching languages and culture, it’s our passion! KaiXin stands out to everyone because our goal is to make learning a new language a fun and exciting experience! We break down learning into small steps and ensure enjoyable and culturally enriching experiences by putting student needs first and integrating lessons into social events, games, songs, field trips, Chinese holiday celebrations and more. At KaiXin we believe in the idea of a happy learning experience!!

Programs we offer include:

  • Private classes
  • Semi-private classes
  • Group classes
  • Corporate training
  • After school

Courses range from Basic 1 where students learn initial pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary; to Advanced reading/writing courses where students will learn spontaneous conversations and expanded character writing.

Our instructors are experienced with a desire to teach. They are easy going, exciting, and love to see students meet and exceed their goals. Our Mission at KaiXin is to see you succeed in learning to converse and understand new culture by teaching in a fun and relaxing environment designed to enhance your learning.

If you’ve been thinking about learning a new language; whether for a refresher course, to learn survival skills for a vacation, would like to impress your business clients, or are looking to start as a beginner, then KaiXin Language School is your destination to develop your skills.

Course Types

We offer structured group classes or private instruction



We offer structured course lessons for those who want to study at a steady pace in our classrooms.

  • 12 hours per session
  • 4 week sessions – meets twice a week (1 hour 30 minutes per class)
  • 6 week sessions – meets Saturdays (2 hours per class)
  • Intimate & engaging classes
  • Solid curriculum and lesson plans keeps you motivated


We offer convenience and customized course options for those who want to study 1-on-1 in our classrooms.

  • Private 1-on-1 instruction
  • Learn at your own pace
  • Follow our standard or customize your lesson plans
  • Specialized instruction available
  • Make it semi-private and study with friends


We offer business focused  and customized course options for those who want to train employees at the convenience of your own office.

  • Large group class training
  • Business and industry focused lessons
  • Follow our standard or customize your lesson plans
  • Specialized instruction available
  • Currently limited to SF Downtown area

Course Levels

Find the right course level just for you


KaiXin Language School offers various course levels from Beginners to Advanced and beyond. Courses are broken down into 3 or 4 levels. For example, for an absolute beginner, you would start in Basic – Level 1, and continue to Basic – Level 2, and so forth. Each class level develops various skill sets to help advance you to the next level. 

Within each course level, we also focus on various topics to keep our students engaged to learn how Chinese is utilized in everyday and modern life. We have some examples of topics covered in each of the levels shown below.

Key elements and learning methods used in class:

  • PinYin system (Mandarin)
  • Language history
  • Grammar and sentence structures
  • Skits ands conversation through role-play
  • Games to help develop and memorize vocabulary

Language Proficiency Chart

  • Basic 16.67% 16.67%
  • Intermediate 33.34% 33.34%
  • Advanced 50% 50%
  • Proficient 66.68% 66.68%
  • Speaking 83.35% 83.35%

Sample Course Topics


Greetings, Friends and Family, Time, Shopping, Dining


Dating, Emotions and Feelings, Hospital, Travel Planning, Airport Check-in, Hotel Services


Chinese Family, Holidays, Party and Event Planning, Life Experiences


Dreams, Organic Food, Gender Equality, Dieting, Studying Abroad


Meet and Greet Clients, Contract Discussions, Marketing and Research, Culture Dos and Don’ts


Greetings, Culture and Market Differences, Industry Terminology, Finance