KaiXin Language Afterschool Program

Affordable and convenient after-school Mandarin classes at your school

KaiXin Language Afterschool Program (KLAP) provide schools the opportunity to offer affordable and convenient after-school Mandarin classes at your school. We work closely with your school to provide students with an opportunity to learn a new language or maintain and improve their language skills. Our program introduces children to language through conversation, speaking and listening, singing, and games. We focus on helping students build confidence, word recognition, and common culture tips.

Build a life long skill

At KaiXin, we believe we can help your child succeed in learning language structures and vocabulary effectively.

Build confidence and self-esteem

Build confidence and communicate through a solid language foundation

Extend opportunities

Improve future opportunities, whether it is meeting new friends, study, travel, or finding job opportunities.

Mandarin Program Information

Program details and course content for learning Mandarin

Classes and Tuition

  • Requires minimum 5 students
  • Appropriate for any grade level
  • $250 per student
  • Includes (10) 1 hour sessions
  • Meets once or twice per week, depending on school and schedule

Course Details

  • Greetings, numbers, family, colors, animals, shapes, fruits, and more
  • PinYin pronunciation system
  • Simplified Chinese character recognition
  • Customs and culture
  • Oral speaking and listening skills
  • Fun and engaging games and activities
  • Sing popular children songs

Sample Course Content

  • Basic greetings & introduction: 你好, 我叫,谢谢,再见
  • Family terms: 爸爸,妈妈,姐姐,哥哥,弟弟,妹妹
  • Colors: 红,黄,蓝,绿,白,黑
  • Fruits: 西瓜,苹果,香蕉,葡萄,梨,樱桃

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