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When the “West” meets the “East”, language barrier becomes a big obstacle in the real business world. How do we break the ice and use the proper phrases in the business setting? How do we expand the potential market? How do we understand clients and seal the deal or maximize employee’s potential and capability?

KaiXin has been offering Mandarin corporate classes to many well-know companies since 2013 in the Bay Area. Our corporate classes can be tailored to meet our clients’ needs – not only from learning the language, but also to learn the knowledge of cultural differences and Dos & Don’ts when it comes to business relationships.

At KaiXin Language School, we offer customized classes that focus on the business aspect of the Chinese language. Lessons are customized based on your needs, such as profession, market, or products. Classes can be taken at our office, or on-site where you work (in downtown San Francisco – for locations outside San Francisco, please contact us for a quote).











Our team has been learning Mandarin with KaiXin for 5 months, and hope to continue for a long time! Mei is an amazing teacher. Despite the fact that you’re learning a ton in each session, Mei makes the class feel like a fun break in your day. She instantly makes everyone feel comfortable and brings topics to life with group discussions and games, all on top of clear, structured instruction. Mei is excellent at helping us pronounce words and explain nuances in their meanings – when she speaks Mandarin, even the most tone-deaf of us can understand!

Mei is happy to  tailor the content to ensure each member of the class is learning what interests them most. She’s incredibly flexible in terms of scheduling, which is great for our busy group.

We can all now hold a basic conversation in Mandarin, thanks to Mei. Xiexie Mei!

Luba Goldberg

Strategy, Fortune 200 Company

KaiXin was a great choice for getting some members of our team introduced to the Mandarin language as well as some fundamental Chinese cultural insights. Mei was very accommodating and could cater the class to exactly what the students needed. Gaining an appreciation for a new language and developing empathy for people through exposure to a new culture was a great opportunity for our team and was a fun experience and valuable investment. Xie xie, Mei!

Eric Johnson

Product Coordinator, Airbnb

How KaiXin Helps Your Business


Establish Connections

Communicate better by understanding what your client needs and avoid misunderstandings.

Understand Customs

Should you bow, or offer a handshake? What is customary when meeting your clients? What are the proper customs and etiquettes?

Increase Competitiveness

Be ahead of the competition through understanding and communication.


Communication and Understanding

Better communication with clients will ensure projects can complete on time.

Employee Confidence

Ability to communicate and and understand helps boost employee confidence when making deals, or providing support.

Employee Potential

Improve and extend employee potential beyond their capabilities.

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