KaiXin was a great choice for getting some members of our team introduced to the Mandarin language as well as some fundamental Chinese cultural insights. Mei was very accommodating and could cater the class to exactly what the students needed. Gaining an appreciation for a new language and developing empathy for people through exposure to a new culture was a great opportunity for our team and was a fun experience and valuable investment. Xie xie, Mei!

Eric Johnson, Product Coordinator, Airbnb

I’ve been taking Mandarin classes with Mei Jiang, for a few months now, and I feel a lot more comfortable talking to my clients in the Far East.  Unlike college courses, her teaching style is catered around the essentials of everyday life, while still maintaining the grammatical structure to build a solid foreign language foundation.

William Nacarino, Investment Strategist, Golden Harvest Capital Management, LLC

I have to say that I was a little reluctant to take a language class to learn Mandarin.  I work over 40 hours a week and I’m constantly reading to keep on top of the everything for my job.  The thought of taking 3 hours per week for class, not to mention that Mandarin is a difficult language to learn, almost kept me from making the commitment.  But I’m really glad I enrolled.  I particularly enjoyed this class taught by Mei Jiang.  She maintained an interactive and fun environment.  I looked forward to going each week.  The materials made it very easy to learn as well.  After taking this class, I was actually able to understand some conversations I overhear in Chinese restaurants.  I look forward to continuing with the intermediate level class.

Jeff Leong, Financial Advisor

I’ve been learning Mandarin Chinese in Mei Jiang’s class for more than four months now. Her teaching is so effective that I’ve decided to continue with intensive private lessons in order to prepare me for my upcoming trip to Taiwan. Having majored in classical Chinese literature, Mei is well versed in the finer points of Mandarin grammar and vocabulary. But she is definitely not boring or old-fashioned. Her classes are always fun. And that’s the secret of her teaching style. Mei’s winning personality and great sense of humor make new learners like myself feel relaxed enough to open their mouths and start speaking Mandarin.

David W., Program Manager at Nonprofit Arts Organization

Mei Jiang is a great teacher.  As a native speaker, Mei was able to teach me Mandarin in a natural and simple way.  More importantly, she always made me feel comfortable and all classes were fun.  I not only learned the Mandarin language, but also the Chinese culture, so that I could put what I learned into practice every day.  It has been the most fun I have ever had learning a new language!  XieXie Mei!

Lorena Rosales, Team Leader-Senior Account Executive